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Bewildering Stories Updated Schedule

My flash science fiction story, Letters to the Luminiferous Aether, is now scheduled for publication at Bewildering Stories on June 18. A series of successive successor entities correspond with a research couple about their need for assistance in resolving their undocumented … Continue reading


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Gentle Push to be Published at Mindflights

The editors at Mindflights have selected my short story, Gentle Push, for publication in their internet magazine. Humanity has expanded to the nearby stars and has encountered a powerful enemy. The story provides the first-person point of view of a … Continue reading

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New Release Date for Battlespace Anthology

June 26, 2012, is the new release date for Volume 1 of the Battlespace Anthology. The Science Fiction Show has partnered with experienced e-publisher, Knightwatch Press, to produce the volume. Battlespace Anthology will be available in print and electronic formats. … Continue reading

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The Bender Beamer Published May 13

My science-fiction short story, The Bender Beamer, is published as of May 13, 2012, by Lark’s Fiction Magazine, a free online publication, issue 20, volume 3. The story follows the struggle of Junior Bender, who is perhaps a bit of an antihero, as … Continue reading

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Romance Short Story at Daily Love

Daily Love has now published my romance short story, Time, Heat and a Smoking Ember. It should be on Daily Love’s front page for a week, and then moved to its archive for May 10, 2012. Romance flash fiction is particularly challenging because … Continue reading

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Procyon Descent Published May 3

Procyon Descent is published as of today on the front page of Farther Stars Than These. It is not a lighthearted tale. But readers enjoy it and have described it as moving and thought provoking. Generally, it’s a story of courage and necessity … Continue reading

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