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I write science-fiction, romance and fantasy stories for adults, young adults and middle-grade readers. I’m a a fan of great fiction that challenges the imagination and illuminates the unknown or misunderstood. I’m also a complex-litigation attorney, former high-school math and computer-science teacher, vice president of the local NAMI affiliate (National Alliance on Mental Illness), musician, chess player, happy spouse, father, grandfather, avid reader, big fan of audio books, and a mystified explorer, just like you, of this wonderful universe that is both crushingly clear and maddeningly opaque.

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J. C. Conway

My latest novel, Towers of Earth, is a science-fiction adventure set more than one-thousand years in the future. It’s main character is Allison Taylor, a 15-year-old would-be space colonist, forced to return to Earth with her surviving shipmates after an in-transit catastrophe. She wants to resume her mission, but obstacles mount as she learns more about the chilling plight of Earth’s residents and the powerful interests that are working against her. Towers of Earth is published by Double Dragon Publishing.

My first published novel, Hearts in Ruin, a story about two archaeologists on the brink of a shattering discovery, was published as a contemporary romance in May 2014 by Liquid Silver Books. In 2012 I was honored as the grand prize winner in the Yosemite Romance Writers Smooch contest for a first-kiss scene in an unpublished science-fiction/romance work in progress. I was also further honored as the 2014 runner up in the same contest for an earlier, unpublished draft of the first-kiss scene in what became my debut novel. I also have several nearly-completed novel manuscripts, one polished-and-ready young-teen science-fiction adventure manuscript presently seeking a publishing home, and endless works in different stages of development. In July 2012 I contributed the lead story to the charitable science-fiction anthology, Battlespace, and then hosted a fundraiser to promote the charity. In October 2012, I was interviewed at The Thiessen Review, in May 2015 I was interviewed at Romance Books 4 Us, and in April 2017, I was interviewed by Abbie Roads in her Author on the Couch series. Links to my stories available at Amazon and other major outlets can be found on the “Home” page. Published stories that are available elsewhere (fiction e-zines, etc) can be found on this site at the “Available Now” page under the “Stories” menu. Stories accepted and pending either first-print or reprint publication are listed on the “Coming Soon” page under the same menu. News about releases, acceptances or other items of interest are posted on the “Blog and Updates” page. Romance excerpts and other items can be found on the “Flash of Romance” page.

We’re all different. For me, I have always had a passion for writing stories, with my earliest clear recollection being a grade school teacher giving assignments to write whatever I wanted. To me, those were rewards, not assignments, and there began my tales of dinosaurs, robots, giant insects, mass destruction, army heroes and alien invaders. All of those still appear in my repertoire from time to time.

I am a member of Romance Writers of America, Mystery Writers of America, the World Science Fiction Society, and Yosemite Romance Writers. You can find me on Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter@jcconwaywriterAmazon Author Pages, Goodreads, Instagram, and Blogger. I usually participate in National Novel Writing Month, and generally encourage others to do the same. It’s not about the win, it’s about the process.

I like books that are meaningful and accessible, so that’s what I try to write. I’m not a fan of long exposition, so I try to avoid that. I like pace, close points of view, and I like fiction that is fair and insightful.


19 Responses to Short Bio

  1. J M Naszady says:

    Thanks for visiting my blog. You are obviously a very talented person who does not limit himself, but continues to grow. Cool!

  2. ctolle says:

    As I teach science-fiction and fantasy literature in a most quirky and fantastic high school elective, I look forward to reading through your blog.

    • quarkone says:

      Thanks. I hope someday soon you will have an opportunity to also read my first novel, an exciting middle-grade SF story about a 13-year-old girl flung one-thousand years into her future by relativity after a failed effort to escape Earth on a colony mission. Great responses from beta readers. Waiting now to hear back from an editor I admire.

  3. quarkone says:

    Setting is a different book, probably also very good. My resources page contains a link to at least one place to find Bickham’s book on Scene and Structure. But I’m confident that if you search online, you should find it at most outlets providing books on writing and any major general book outlet online. Good luck and thanks for the complement.

  4. ramanan50 says:

    Lawyer and a Science fiction writer,rare combination!

  5. lightbleeder says:

    Hi there, thank you so much for following my blog. I am glad you have enjoyed my writing so far, and hope that you will continue to! I checked out a few of your works, and I have to say I really enjoyed Letters to the Luminiferous Aether, in particular. It’s such a clever idea, and so skillfully put together. I would love to know what you thought of my story, as any feedback would be useful to me. Either way, thank you once again for checking out my humble blog!

  6. Hi, really enjoyed looking through your work. Would you possibly be interested in being interviewed? I run a literature review blog with a section on up-and-upcoming writers. You can find examples of my previous interviews at Thanks 🙂

  7. Hi. Thanks for the like. You are clearly a talented and hardworking individual, so I’ve gone ahead and followed your blog 🙂

  8. Glad you came by. Congratulations on your short story.

  9. Arkenaten says:

    Thanks popping over to The Ark’s spot.
    Crikey, you write tons of stuff!
    Congrats on the awards and bet wishes on your upcoming novels.

  10. Gary Henson says:

    Great to visit your site! Looking forward to reading your work.
    I’m a newbie writer (2 books ePub’d on KDP and NookPress) trying to improve and expand everyday. OK, most every day 😉
    I’ll be back to soak up your flash stories etc.
    Best of luck!

  11. Hi JC, would you like to do a ‘Meet my character’ Blog tour with me. I don’t have your email address (unless you comment on my blog – actually you’ll have mine now) and if you email me I’ll send you the details for you to decide. Thanks, Cecilia (from Waiting to write blog)

  12. Thank you, my friend, for following First Night History!

  13. Gator Woman says:

    Hello, how lovely to meet you.

  14. I’m starting my first MG mystery. If you have any interest, I’d love someone familiar with the genre to read the beginning and see if I’m on track or not. I’m at

    • J. C. Conway says:

      Hi Christine. I think the best readers you can get for something like that are middle grade students. Some English teachers are open to letting their students review a new work by an aspiring author and then talk to you about the book, why you write, your goals and insights, etc. I’ve done that, and it’s a really good experience for the students and the writer. And if you do it, don’t let them be too polite. They’re not used to giving criticism. So you have to explain that criticism is what you want and that it will help you. That also helps teach them, by example, how to accept criticism and use it to make a work better.

  15. belindacrane says:

    You are such an accomplished writer J.C. Always having been such an avid reader, I am in awe of anyone that has published their works. The willpower it takes astounds me. It’s very inspirational for a little blogger like myself to meet people like you in this forum! 🙂

  16. Globalresidence says:

    Many thanks for taking the time to visit my site. Am humbly honored. Wishing you and family a great week ahead! 😃😄

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