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Colonization — Generation Ships

There are countless tales that involve space colony missions moving at sub-light speed, covering the vast distance between stars over the course of hundreds, or even thousands, of years. There are two main options for these extraordinarily long voyages–sleeper ships … Continue reading

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Extinction Level Events — Celestial Impact

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On the topic if extinction level events, the one that comes most often to mind is the risk of an asteroid or comet hitting Earth. There is plenty of evidence that collisions occur. The Moon’s surface is full of impact … Continue reading

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Persons of Interest–Ray Kurzweil

“By understanding the information processes underlying life, we are starting to learn to reprogram our biology to achieve the virtual elimination of disease, dramatic expansion of human potential, and radical life extension.” – Ray Kurzweil, The Singularity Is Near With … Continue reading

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Large Space Vessels — Toroids

A toroid is a figure shaped like a torus. Common examples abound, such as rings, hoops and doughnuts. It’s an attractive shape for large space vessels, and it appears in numerous science-fiction settings as well as on the drawing boards … Continue reading

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Large Space Vessels — Cylinders

Taking a closer look at large cylindrical vessels, several types and examples appear in space agency research projects as well as books, movies, TV and video games. (For the introductory overview of this topic, see Large Space Vessels.) The 1970s … Continue reading

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Extinction Level Events: Gamma Ray Burst

There is a plethora of potential events outside human control that can lead to mass extinction on Earth. It’s happened before. Fortunately, such events are few and far between. Nevertheless, it is worth paying attention to the potential for at … Continue reading

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Large Space Vessels

The two most basic design concepts for long-term, high-population space vessels (either orbiting space colonies or ships designed for a long-duration traverse) are the cylindrical model and the toroidal model. NASA and other space agencies have studied these design concepts … Continue reading

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Beyond Earth: The Future is Bright

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The future of space exploration seems brighter now than it has for some time. This isn’t to say that it hasn’t always been bright. It has. Granted, manned missions have not gone far since Apollo 17. Many of us envisioned, … Continue reading

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Philae Lander Found on Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko

Just in time, the Rosetta mission’s Philae lander has been found by Rosetta’s high-resolution camera wedged in a dark crack on the comet. Philae found. Credit: Main image and lander inset: ESA/Rosetta/MPS for OSIRIS Team MPS/UPD/LAM/IAA/SSO/INTA/UPM/DASP/IDA; context: ESA/Rosetta/ NavCam – … Continue reading

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A Non-Fiction Must Read — Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind

I’ve read some great books lately. One that stands out as a bookshelf keeper is a non-fiction work by the renowned historian, Yuval Noah Harari–Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind. This was a New York Times best seller, and Amazon’s … Continue reading

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