Project Update

The following projects are nearing completion. The games will be released first. The order of release thereafter is not yet determined.

Two Novels. These are both science fiction stories featuring adult protagonists. One is set in the near future and was previously slated for release. I delayed that release to avoid rushing some final important revisions. In this near future, the main character is frustrated by humanity’s abandonment of the SETI dream of discovering other life and civilization. She attempts to solve the apparent silence of the stellar void, with unexpected consequences. The other is set in the far future, after humanity’s first expansion to the stars and the collapse that followed. The second expansion is well underway. Physics as we understand it hasn’t changed much, although technology has advanced. However, there is a paradigm-shifting secret in the outer stellar provinces–a mystery some would kill to protect. The main character prefers to avoid such struggles. But he is in the center of it, and must learn why, or else he and many others may perish.

An Anthology. It has been several years since my last short-story anthology. The new one is ready to go with a mix of new and previously published material.

Two Card Games. I’ve developed two science-fiction themed card games — one strategic and one tactical. The strategy card game is Open Worlds. With extensive testing complete, the first edition will be ready for the market in short order. It’s for two or more players and involves the development and/or exploitation of exoplanets. The mechanics are solid, the pace is good, and the two-player format takes no more than about 15-30 minutes to play. Open Worlds is expandable, but in a way that spares players from the common collectible card game conundrum of sinking a small fortune into endless random expansion packs or secondary market trading. The tactical game is for 2-6 players. Each player has a starship (represented by a card) and the game is essentially a dogfight in space. It’s fun and quick, and testing is nearly complete. The two-player version takes only about 10 minutes to play.

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