Coming Soon

Stories listed here are either accepted for publication and “in the works” with imminent release date, or are completed works presently seeking a home for publication. 


Works Seeking the Right Market:

Silent Sky 3D CoverSilent Sky is a science-fiction novel that challenges our core beliefs about the nature of physical reality.

In 2063 SETI has been abandoned as a foolish dream and forgotten–by everyone but Haley Durant, who builds a fleet of tiny, multi-dimensional probes to explore the nearby stars and find out, once and for all, why no one out there can be seen or heard. She learns why, and Earth faces dire peril as a result. But more importantly, what she learns shakes the foundation of everything she believes, including her understanding of humanity and self. In Silent Sky humanity’s fate rests in the hands one person–Haley Durant, whose dreams and hopes have been betrayed by everyone she knows.

There is a reason we seem alone…

Blue Shift 3D CoverBlue Shift is a science-fiction novella about corporate space attorney Aaron Park, his struggle to maintain a busy work schedule while trying to understand his teenage son, and the end of the world. Oh, yes, and the end of the world is brought about by his own client’s reckless interstellar project.

When the truth comes out, the off-world communities shift to survival mode and Aaron finds himself a pariah searching for a way to earn his keep and regain his son’s respect. Aaron is highly educated and a skilled negotiator. But humanity needs something more than lawyerly talents.

(c) 2015, 2016 J. C. Conway


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  1. Aleena says:

    I look forward to all of these. 🙂

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