Excerpts and Teasers

Here are excerpts and teasers of works in progress. Reach them from the drop-down menu above. Some are pending publication, others are still facing the wrath or mercy of the cutting room floor. Feedback is welcome.

Kids in peril can be fairly gripping. When one of the kids is destined to be the next and greatest shaman of his people, then it needs telling.

For attorneys, depositions can be easy, and they can be hard. Some of them are both.

A cliffhanger. Things aren’t going great for Ronnie, stuck on the distant planet, Mandala. But “not great” is a better option than what’s about to happen.

The first scene of a book in a series. All the evcnts of the series take place after the fall of the future dark age. Mankind has reached the stars, and now its civilization has collapsed upon itself. The far colonies are mostly isolated, each with its own troubles.

This is from a completed romance novel. One of the sub-plots involves a couple and their troubles during a prehistoric time not understood or recognized yet by modern archaeology and the evidence uncovered to date.

Generation ships are big and (relatively) slow–both problems industry can solve if there is a demand. But what about the warranty?

The more things change, the more they stay the same.

This is the setup of the story. In moments after this, options present themselves–choices with consequences that may or may not be appreciated at the time.

This excerpt is hosted by the Yosemite Romance Writers. It is the 2012 grand-prize entry for a “first kiss” scene.

You may also like to ponder the implications of a two-dimensional representation of a three-dimensional representation of a rotating tesseract:

This tesseract is being rotated around one symmetric plane. Other planes of rotation produce more complex and interesting effects. As you can see you have a central cube with other volumetric cubes for each face. This obviously has 7 times the volume of ordinary cubes (of the same external cubic dimensions) with only just one added dimension.


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