Open Worlds™ — Game Development Update

I’ve dedicated a good part of this year to the development of a new card game. Open Worlds: Battle for Extra-Solar Planets™ is an expandable strategy card game set at the brink of human star travel. Future space-faring coalitions compete for control of undeveloped extra-solar planets (aka the “Open Worlds”).

Players represent these coalitions with the goal of claiming as many extra-solar planets (planets far beyond Earth’s solar system). As a player, you draw cards from a 54-card deck of resources, including facilities (to develop the worlds and generate income), space vessels (for attack and defense), ground forces (to secure planetary control), catastrophes (to suppress the competition), and various utilities (to enhance or inhibit actions in the game to your advantage). Open Worlds™ is fast-paced, easy to learn, and well balanced. Each game is different, and there are cards and decks available to suit a variety of player preferences and strategies.

In the two-player game, five unclaimed planets are at issue, each with its own characteristics affecting the desirability and ease or difficulty of developing the world. One game generally takes about 10 to 20 minutes. The disputed worlds change from game to game, drawn from a 36-card deck of unique extra-solar planets. With more than 2 players there are more worlds and the game takes a longer.

Open Worlds™ is in the final stages of playtesting and development.

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4 Responses to Open Worlds™ — Game Development Update

  1. Sounds interesting. Are you planning to sell this, once development and playtesting are done?

    • J. C. Conway says:

      I think it will go in stages. The rules are tight, there are some decks very tested and ready to go, so I’ll get those out there first. Other elements need more testing. The game will be expandable. Players can build their own decks. As more cards and decks pass muster in playtesting, they’ll be released, too, and it should remain competitive, fresh, and fun.

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