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Open Worlds™ — Game Development Update

I’ve dedicated a good part of this year to the development of a new card game. Open Worlds: Battle for Extra-Solar Planets™ is an expandable strategy card game set at the brink of human star travel. Future space-faring coalitions compete for … Continue reading

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Are Starships Really Just Around the Corner?

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The notion of human star travel raises difficult issues under 20th Century science. Some of my own stories have addressed those difficulties different ways, including slow-moving generation ships that cross the void to close stars over thousands of years, time-dilated … Continue reading

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Available Now: Worlds Less Traveled

The July 2013 Update of Perihelion Science Fiction is not out, with my short story, “Worlds Less Traveled,” and eight other new and original stories and two new articles. Perihelion, formerly a print publication, is an online magazine free for … Continue reading

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Worlds Less Traveled Countdown

My short science fiction tale, “Worlds Less Traveled,” will appear in one week and one day (July 12) at Perihelion Science Fiction. The piece has received praise from professionals and editors. The story starts at a moment that may, or … Continue reading

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Procyon Descent Anniversary

It’s was a year ago this month that my flash-fiction story, “Procyon Descent,” was published, and the reactions I get from readers that normally like my work are still mixed. The idea that colonists from Earth will traverse the gulf … Continue reading

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Asteroids: Detect, Divert, Capture, and Mine

Several of my short stories have featured modified asteroids as useful structures, predominantly in Trojan Orbits. But the first asteroids that are likely to have a tremendous impact on humanity (good or bad) are the “near-Earth” asteroids–those bodies that orbit … Continue reading

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Follow up on DA14 and the Russian Meteor

Asteroid 2012 DA14, as previously discussed, passed record-close to Earth last month. On the same day a more news-grabbing, but smaller asteroid, the Chelyabinsk Meteroid, plunged into Earth’s atmosphere and streaked and exploded over Russia. 2012 DA14 was captured in … Continue reading

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Gentle Push to Appear in Tales of the Talisman

My short story, “Gentle Push,” will be printed by Hadrosaur Productions in Volume 9, Issue 3, of Tales of the Talisman, edited by David Lee Summers. That will be the Winter 2013/14 edition. Tales of the Talisman (formerly Hadrosaur Tales) is a … Continue reading

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Closest Observed Visit of its Kind: 2012 DA14, February 15

Most communications satellites circle the Earth in the Clarke Belt–i.e., in Geostationary Orbit 22,236 miles above Earth (about 1/10th the distance to the Moon). At that height, a satellite can orbit at a speed that matches Earth’s rotation, allowing the … Continue reading

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A Sudden and Unexpected Visitor — 2012 XE54

Discovered just yesterday, Asteroid 2012 XE54 will pass Earth tonight and in the early morning tomorrow. Its discovery is reported in the Minor Planet Center’s Minor Planet Electronic Circular 2012-X37. At its closest, it is now anticipated to be a … Continue reading

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