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The Nibble Approach to Asteroid Testing

NASA released this animation of a mission to capture a boulder from the surface of an asteroid. A NASA spacecraft, called an asteroid redirect vehicle, would use robotic arms to pluck a 3-meter boulder off the asteroid. The spacecraft would … Continue reading

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Are Starships Really Just Around the Corner?

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The notion of human star travel raises difficult issues under 20th Century science. Some of my own stories have addressed those difficulties different ways, including slow-moving generation ships that cross the void to close stars over thousands of years, time-dilated … Continue reading

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Perihelion Magazine to Publish “Worlds Less Traveled”

My short science-fiction story, “Worlds Less Traveled,” has been selected to appear in the July 12, 2013 update of the online science-fiction magazine, Perihelion Science Fiction, edited by Sam Bellotto, Jr., with contributing editor, Eric M. Jones. Perihelion features science fiction … Continue reading

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Procyon Descent Anniversary

It’s was a year ago this month that my flash-fiction story, “Procyon Descent,” was published, and the reactions I get from readers that normally like my work are still mixed. The idea that colonists from Earth will traverse the gulf … Continue reading

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Revised Space Oddity

If you haven’t followed Canadian Astronaut Chris Hadfield–the first Canadian commander of the International Space Station and “the most social-media savvy” astronaut in space–you should, at a bare minimum, at least see his farewell song at the end of his … Continue reading

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Gentle Push to Appear in Tales of the Talisman

My short story, “Gentle Push,” will be printed by Hadrosaur Productions in Volume 9, Issue 3, of Tales of the Talisman, edited by David Lee Summers. That will be the Winter 2013/14 edition. Tales of the Talisman (formerly Hadrosaur Tales) is a … Continue reading

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Mindflights Publishes “Gentle Push”

My science-fiction short story, Gentle Push, is now published and available online at Mindflights. Humans retreat to Earth from the deadly Akridi horde. Gentle Push is the first person account of an ancient alien being scouting the advance and retreat. … Continue reading

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