Gentle Push to Appear in Tales of the Talisman

My short story, “Gentle Push,” will be printed by Hadrosaur Productions in Volume 9, Issue 3, of Tales of the Talisman, edited by David Lee Summers. That will be the Winter 2013/14 edition. Tales of the Talisman (formerly Hadrosaur Tales) is a quarterly literary journal. The format is a 90-page, perfect-bound, printed magazine.

The hadrosaur talisman logo is inspired by a duck-billed dinosaur called a tsintaosaurus. These dinosaurs looked remarkably like early depictions of unicorns. The publisher chose this creature’s blend of science and fantasy as the symbol of its magazine and press devoted to publishing the finest quality speculative fiction. Hadrosaur Productions produces audio recordings, publishes Tales of the Talisman, and offers collections of short fiction and novels.

“Gentle Push” was previously published by the online journal, Mindflights. It is the story of an advanced alien being encountering a human for the first time under unusual circumstances near the former Earth colonies at Delta Pavonis.

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