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Congratulations to 2013 Campbell Award Nominees

The John W. Campbell Award nominees were announced yesterday along with the 2013 Hugo Award nominees. The John W. Campbell Award is not a Hugo Award. It is an award sponsored by Dell Magazine to be given to the best … Continue reading

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Hugo Award Nominees for 2013 Announced

The 2013 Hugo Award final nominees for best works in Science Fiction and Fantasy in 2012 were announced today at 3 p.m. Central Time. The Nominees for BEST NOVEL (from 1113 ballots) are: 2312 by Kim Stanley Robinson (Orbit) Blackout … Continue reading

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Last Call: IN VINO VERITAS Submission Deadline Tomorrow

Update: The Editor has now Closed this anthology to submissions. This weekend is the last chance to submit stories to the Static Movement drink-themed anthology, In Vino Veritas, edited by Dorothy Davies. At present, the anthology is slated to feature … Continue reading

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RWA RITA and Golden Heart Finalists Announced

The Romance Writers of America announced this week the finalists in its two very popular annual contests: The RITA® Awards and the Golden Heart® Awards. The RITA recognizes excellence in published romance fiction. The Golden Heart recognizes excellence in unpublished … Continue reading

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Excerpt: November Elf at Hogglepot

Here is an excerpt from “November Elf.” This is the transition. Up until this point, the story has been a traditional first-person past tense. But memory, especially with this character, is a tricky thing. And at his age it’s just … Continue reading

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Follow up on DA14 and the Russian Meteor

Asteroid 2012 DA14, as previously discussed, passed record-close to Earth last month. On the same day a more news-grabbing, but smaller asteroid, the Chelyabinsk Meteroid, plunged into Earth’s atmosphere and streaked and exploded over Russia. 2012 DA14 was captured in … Continue reading

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IN VINO VERITAS Very Close to Production

The drink-themed print anthology, IN VINO VERITAS, edited by Dorothy Davies, will be closed to submissions once it accepts at least 3,000 more words for publication. The anthology will be produced by Static Movement–the publisher that produces the online e-zine, edited … Continue reading

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The Search for Earths

At just 217 light years, Nasa’s Kepler Mission has discovered three more planets of interest: Kepler-37b, Kepler-37c and Kepler-37d. Kepler-37b is the smallest extra-solar planet yet detected (smaller than Mercury and a little bigger than our Moon). Kepler37-d is a … Continue reading

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Successful Seminar with Author Jane Porter Inspires Writers

The Yosemite Romance Writers hosted its first annual all-day writing seminar, Fiction Writer’s Spring Fling, feature accomplished author Jane Porter. The event was a success in that it delivered a first-class writing seminar and presented material relevant to fiction writers … Continue reading

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