Successful Seminar with Author Jane Porter Inspires Writers

Author Jane Porter

The Yosemite Romance Writers hosted its first annual all-day writing seminar, Fiction Writer’s Spring Fling, feature accomplished author Jane Porter. The event was a success in that it delivered a first-class writing seminar and presented material relevant to fiction writers at every stage of their careers, from aspiring to those considering e-publication of their successful but now-out-of-print published books.

Jane Porter is an inspiration for writers. She discussed frankly issues of craft, motivation and business. Her experience is extensive, having published some 40 novels or more, and it is apparent she is practical and artistic. Her willingness to share her insights with all and to help less experience writers benefit from the lessons and observations she’s gained during her career is the mark of an accessible and down-to-Earth human being who is impossible not to appreciate.

the Yosemite Romance Writers (YRW) is a chapter of Romance Writers of America. The group includes members in and around the area, as well as a number of long-distance members. There are published and well-established authors as well as fledgling writers with a drive to learn and improve. The group presents an attitude and culture of confident cooperation, which added to the overall effectiveness and fun of the Seminar. We can only hope that the seminar was enough of a success for the YRW as it was for its attendees so there will be a chance the group will continue what they have started.

Winners of the YRW annual Smooch Contest were also announced. Congratulations to the grand prize winner, Sheri Humphreys and to each of the five finalists for their wonderful submissions of a “First Kiss” scene from an as-yet unpublished novel.

Copies of some of Jane Porter’s books were available to attendees. Information about Jane Porter, including news, activities, and a lot of very helpful information about her her work, can be found at her site,

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4 Responses to Successful Seminar with Author Jane Porter Inspires Writers

  1. Maida Naquin says:

    Sounds like a worthwhile seminar to attend and continue to inspire writers.

  2. June Rodriguez says:

    So great to see you again John. Glad you could make it up to join us at the seminar. It was an all around awesome day. Jane was enjoyable and inspiring to meet. You have a great site. Made my inner sifi self want to come out and play.

  3. So…is your next book going to be a SciFi romance?

    • J. C. Conway says:

      I’m not sure at this moment what my next book will be, but I’m working on a handfull of books, each in revision now, and two are definitely SF Romance novels.

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