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The Search for Intelligence is Also the Search for Knowledge

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We’re finding planets left and right. But so far, nobody interesting to talk to. Still, the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (“SETI”) continues. I see SETI’s fundamental outlook as something like this: “With all that space out there, there must be … Continue reading

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One Thousand NASA Spinoffs

Everyone knows that materials and devices created for the space race have found their way into everyday life–things like memory foam, freeze-dried food and “space” blankets (not, contrary to urban mythology, Tang, Velcro or Teflon). But what many don’t know … Continue reading

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Second Space Conference Call for Papers

The 2nd SPACE Conference will be held June 20-21, 2014 at the Renaissance Orlando Airport Hotel, with a call for papers on all aspects of how we can build a space-faring society. Subtopics include Humanities (e.g., Astrosociology, Space law, Economics), … Continue reading

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Are Starships Really Just Around the Corner?

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The notion of human star travel raises difficult issues under 20th Century science. Some of my own stories have addressed those difficulties different ways, including slow-moving generation ships that cross the void to close stars over thousands of years, time-dilated … Continue reading

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Excerpt: The Bender Beamer

Following is the beginning of my short science fiction story, “The Bender Beamer,” published by Larks Fiction Magazine last year: The world ends twice a day; three times on Sunday. Junior Bender wanted to believe it. It was the closest … Continue reading

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SETI: Waiting Game–Maybe a Long One

The Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (“SETI”) is based on a noble concept with sound premises and the late Carl Sagan championed its cause quite effectively. I see SETI’s fundamental outlook as something like this: “With all that space out there, there … Continue reading

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New Release: Mystic Signals Issue 18

The 18th issue of Mystic Signals has been released, including my short science-fiction romance story, “Love, Death and Overlapping Bosonic Singularities.” The anthology includes all of the stories published in the April issue of The Lorelei Signal, the May issue … Continue reading

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Asteroids: Detect, Divert, Capture, and Mine

Several of my short stories have featured modified asteroids as useful structures, predominantly in Trojan Orbits. But the first asteroids that are likely to have a tremendous impact on humanity (good or bad) are the “near-Earth” asteroids–those bodies that orbit … Continue reading

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The Search for Earths

At just 217 light years, Nasa’s Kepler Mission has discovered three more planets of interest: Kepler-37b, Kepler-37c and Kepler-37d. Kepler-37b is the smallest extra-solar planet yet detected (smaller than Mercury and a little bigger than our Moon). Kepler37-d is a … Continue reading

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For Submitting Writers: Duotrope’s Status Change

Duotrope announced this weekend that it will no longer be a free service as of January 1, 2013. It will instead cost $5 per month. For those familiar with it, Duotrope has for seven years offered a free online database … Continue reading

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