Second Space Conference Call for Papers

Motorcycle DetailsThe 2nd SPACE Conference will be held June 20-21, 2014 at the Renaissance Orlando Airport Hotel, with a call for papers on all aspects of how we can build a space-faring society. Subtopics include Humanities (e.g., Astrosociology, Space law, Economics), Science (e.g., Astrobiology, Space Agriculture, Medicine), ahd Technology (e.g., Space Architecture, Robotics, Structures and Materials). The Guide for Abstracts can be found HERE. And a PDF Brochure for the Conference can be found HERE.

The conference is sponsored by the Scientific Preparatory Academy for Cosmic Explorers (SPACE),  a space education institution founded in January 2012 on the Isle of Man intending to combine a rigorous educational program with actual, hands-on space system development and exploration expeditions. It’s fundamental thesis is that exploration is education, and that scholarly instruction and research are merely two aspects of discovery.

According to its website, SPACE wishes to “build a roadmap to define the key technologies required for space habitation” by engaging researchers, entrepreneurs, designers, architects, engineers, educators, and policy makers to “not only present their own research but to come together to develop a comprehensive roadmap for defining the key technologies required for space habitation.”

The first SPACE conference focused on overcoming the barriers in the fields of education, legal systems, and technology. This second SPACE conference will focus more on opportunities in the areas of humanities, science, and technology. For more information on what was discussed at the 2012 SPACE conference, go to the 2012 Conference site.

For the Flyer, CLICK HERE.

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