“Worlds Less Traveled” to be Featured by Comets and Criminals

C&C BoxTentatively scheduled for July 2014, Comets and Criminals will feature my science-fiction short story, “Worlds Less Traveled,” in both text and audio format. The story is Hugo-Award eligible for the 2014 award year and was originally published last year by Perihelion Science Fiction. It’s the story of an attorney at a routine off-world deposition who suspects there is something not quite right about the alien deponent.

Edited by Samuel Mae, Comets and Criminals is an online Zine all about story. Rollicking, adventuresome, thought-provoking, disturbing. Each month it brings amazing story in audio and text formats, free of charge for readers. So, if you love science fiction, adventure fiction, crime and mystery fiction, historical fiction, or western fiction (and their many sub-genres) then Comets and Criminals is right up your alley.

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