Broken–Anthology Released with “Letters to the Luminiferous Aether”

Broken_smThirteen Press has released its themed anthology, Broken, as a paperback book or eBook download. It is presently available at Lulu in both formats. You can also read about it at Goodreads. My part of the anthology, “Letters to the Luminiferous Aether,” is a very short tale consisting of a series of several letters over time to inquiring travelers. It was initially published by Bewildering Stories, and is a fun piece of improbable possibility.

Broken. Everything eventually gets broken, whether it’s Greek sculptures or spaceships, someone somewhere does something and it gets broken. All the cursing and skilful patching in the world can never put it back together again. When this comes to people… Broken things, broken minds, broken bodies: these talented authors came up with an amazing array of stories on this theme. If it isn’t broken, don’t fix it. Read this anthology instead!

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