Excerpt: The Bender Beamer

Following is the beginning of my short science fiction story, “The Bender Beamer,” published by Larks Fiction Magazine last year:


The world ends twice a day; three times on Sunday.

Junior Bender wanted to believe it. It was the closest thing to advice his father had ever provided. But all it meant was nothing is carved in stone—fresh starts happen every day.

He could use a new start now.

Junior sat on his hands to avoid fidgeting behind his broad mahogany desk. His CEO nameplate evidenced his powerful position in the world’s fastest rising business. But he did not call the shots. Junior didn’t even earn his position, he inherited it.

He cleared his throat. “The government has offered to buy.”

Junior’s CFO, and his father’s former right-hand man, Henry Orwill, belted a cynical chuckle. “Too bad for them.”

Junior’s gut tightened. Junior longed to deal man-to-man with Orwill, but he still felt like a child to “Uncle Hank.”

“They’re offering a lot,” said Junior, seeking a deeper discussion.

“If we sell now, it wouldn’t be to our advantage.”

Junior pressed. “They won’t give up. We’re a monopoly. We’re crushing the world’s transportation industry. If we don’t sell, I’m afraid they’ll just take it.”

“Listen,” said Orwill, standing, “if we sell now, we’ll be out of the picture for good. We don’t want that.”


“Are you going to sign those papers?” he asked as he left, pointing to today’s stack.

Junior nodded, sighing.

Quiet fell. What was wrong with the government offer? What better result did Orwill have in mind?…


Junior has some growing up to do. One of the story questions is whether he will manage it, and if so, will it be in time? The full story can be read HERE.

Larks Fiction Magazine, edited by Daniel Pool, is a free online literary magazine for up-and-coming writers. It publishes fiction, poetry and non-fiction of all shapes and sizes, with a leaning toward magical realism, science fiction, fantasy and quirky and experimental work.

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  1. And now… I am intrigued.

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