It begins … 2013 World Science Fiction Convention

LoneStarCon 3 Underway

Are you in San Antonio? If so, chances are you’re aware of the invasion. Pointy-eared elves casually enjoying a tall draught, an adventurer with a goggle-wrapped black-top hat  straight out of a Jules Verne repository, Klingon-style dancers and more … It’s all part of the grandeur of the 71st World Science Fiction Convention.

#LoneStarCon: “What’s the best thing about Worldcon?”
#GrrM: “The parties. Definitely the parties.”

Famous authors, movie and TV stars, directors, fans, merchants and vendors–the all-volunteer convention opened today and has everything. Moreover, it is expected to see some 4,000 attendees through its last day Monday at the Convention Center.

The full schedule for the convention is available in two ways:

  • The Pocket Program, which all attending members receive in printed form when they arrive and register at the convention, and which can be downloaded in PDF format.
  • The schedule is also available through the interactive program guide, which includes a full copy of the program that can be browsed by item day and time, location, or participant. The guide is linked to LoneStarCon 3’s program database so it will also be updated automatically to reflect any last minute program changes.

For a higher level summary, the LoneStarCon 3’s schedule page provides a day by day breakdown of some of the highlights, as well as opening hours for all major convention areas and services.

“It’s a privilege to San Antonio to have this come to town because it rotates around the whole globe,” said LoneStarCon 3 chairman Randall Shepherd.

The World Science Fiction Society (WSFS) is the organization that licenses Worldcon. WSFS requires that every Worldcon perform the following functions:

The best seat in the house–a replica of the sword throne from the hit HBO series “Game of Thrones”

  • Administer the Hugo Awards
  • Select the site for a future Worldcon (two years hence)
  • Hold a WSFS Business Meeting
  • Present regular financial reports

Visit the WSFS site for more information on each of these topics. WSFS also provides a separate page with answers to some Frequently Asked Questions.

Tickets are still available, but only at the Convention Center. Admission ranges from $10 for kids 7-16 to $30 for adults. To see the full schedule, go to

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