Available Now: Worlds Less Traveled

The July 2013 Update of Perihelion Science Fiction is not out, with my short story, “Worlds Less Traveled,” and eight other new and original stories and two new articles.

PerihelionPerihelion, formerly a print publication, is an online magazine free for readers. The opportunity to donate is provided at four modest levels (USD): Rocket Level–$2.00; Moon Level–$5.00; Planet Level–$10.00; and Galaxy Level–$15.00. It is edited by Sam Bellotto, Jr. and Contributing Editor Eric M. Jones. The contributing short story authors in order of appearance in this issue are Erin Lane, Daniel Huddleston, K.C. Ball, Fiona Moore, Igor Teper, John C. Conway, Wayne Helge, Rob Butler, and Rik Hunik.

Worlds Less Traveled” is a first person, present tense short story about an attorney at a deposition. He has a few problems to work through, beginning with his waning anti-psychotic field and then moving on to disconcerting irregularities in the proceedings. Is this a run-of-the-mill terraform-defect deposition about the stability of Brumal, an insignificant world at the outskirts of Earth-managed space? And if it’s not, then what is, in fact, going on in this cold and isolated place?

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