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Our Solar System’s Water World

With a large portion of its surface covered by water, one would think Earth is the water world of the solar system. But Jovian moon Europa appears to hold the actual title. Based on the Galileo probe data acquired during … Continue reading

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Exploring the Goddess of Love and Beauty

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Venus is often described as Earth’s sister planet. It is darned near the same size and mass as Earth with an orbit closer to the Sun. It is the third most luminous object in the sky (after the Sun and the … Continue reading

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I Want to Write a Scene that Takes Place Here

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This image comes from the Rosetta Spacecraft and is a shot of a portion of Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko. Look at those cliffs, standing tall in a vacuum on a body no bigger than Manhattan, and imagine standing at the base. What could … Continue reading

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Prehistoric cave prints show most early artists were women (NBC)

Originally posted on Professor X:
By Nidhi Subbaraman original article here. Alongside drawings of bison and horses, the first painters left clues to their identity on the stone walls of caves, blowing red-brown paint through rough tubes and stenciling outlines…

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AMBITION – Short Film Peeks into the Far Future and the Legacy of Today’s Accomplishment with Rosetta

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If you haven’t yet seen this wonderful and visionary short science-fiction film, please set aside 6 minutes to enjoy it. Ambition is a collaborative project of ESA and Platige Image. Directed by Tomek Baginski and starring Aiden Gillen (The Dark Knight … Continue reading


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