Liquid Silver Author Houston Havens Soars

Fellow Liquid Silver Books author, Houston Havens, is soaring with reviews and responses to her new cross-genre book, Sinful Surrender.

Houston HavensHouston Havens retired from a successful modeling career and an adventurous jet-set lifestyle to set the world on fire with her erotic romance books. A tenacious Irish lass, she strives to entertain with seductive stories created from her decadent imagination and traces of a provocative lifestyle she may or may not admit to.

Her interest in the paranormal, fascination with quantum science, passion with myths, and the lure of her mysterious Celtic Irish-Druid bloodlines are combined with generally unknown truths, strange facts, and questionable fiction. Her novels reflect a mix of the past, present, and future, with sexy blends of futuristic science fiction, paranormal fantasy, western romance, and always love everlasting.

About Sinful Surrender

Top psychic spy Fay Avalon saw too much on her latest mind traveling mission and is now on the run from her post-catastrophic dystopian government, searching for the truth and proof. She escapes but is shot down, landing in the arms of the enemy.

In Drakker and Arlo’s world, women are so rare the men have accepted a polyandrous lifestyle. When the brothers stumble upon Fay unconscious in the wreckage of an aircraft, they are immediately attracted to her. Arlo wants to keep her, but Drakker knows they can’t. They must take her to their brother Logan Abán, leader of their people.

Logan struggles with trusting anyone, even himself. When a beautiful, intelligent, and intriguing woman falls into their laps, his denied desires for intimacy challenge his need to trust the spy. He’s frustrated by romantic Arlo’s claims of her innocence. Even when pragmatic and dominating Drakker defends her as well, Logan refuses to trust his gut.

Can one woman satisfy the diverse desires of three men? Will Logan’s fears be realized by betrayal? Is Fay to be sentenced to death as a spy, suffer a fate worse than death by being returned to her government as a traitor, or will she find a new life and love as the wife of three sexy brothers?

For more, see an excerpt of her work at Flash of Romance and visit the following:

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World Book Night is Upon Us — ‪#‎wbn2014‬

Each year on April 23, tens of thousands of people go out into their communities and give half a million free World Book Night paperbacks to light and non-readers. In 2012, World Book Night was celebrated in the U.S., the UK, Ireland, and Germany. In the United States, World Book Night, a nonprofit dedicated to spreading the love of reading, person to person, is again turning to over 25,000 passionate volunteers to give away copies of specially chosen and printed WBN editions in their community.

In addition, World Book Night will have 23 simultaneous WBN Kick-Off events TONIGHT, April 22, 2014 around the country, demonstrated on the map below (click the map to link to a larger version)–very exciting, fun events at select stores and libraries featuring some of this year’s authors.

“One little guy held his book so tight and said, ‘this is the first new book I have ever had!’ He’s in fourth grade.” —Anonymous from Ohio

“I cannot express how amazing an idea this is…And my heartfelt thanks goes out to you, the authors, and the publishers of these books.” —Cheryl, recipient 2013

“In my experience, when people like what they are doing, they do more of it. This is the genius of World Book Night — it gets people reading by connecting them  with amazing, enjoyable books. I’m honored to be a part of it.”James Patterson

“All those people giving books out are proof that people DO care a whole awful lot, and we will always have books, stories, writers and – most importantly – READERS.”Markus Zusak


Participate, watch, praise, do what you can to encourage this wonderful effort. World Book Night can be followed on Twitter: @wbnamerica.

It’s website is: and it’s on Facebook at

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Book Your Reservations Now to Kepler-186f

Destination: Kepler-186f
Mode of Transportation: Pending

Kepler-186f, First Earth-Sized Planet in Extra-Solar Habitable Zone Image Credit: NASA Ames/SETI Institute/JPL-Caltech

Science fiction stories abound with distant colonies on Earth-like worlds. But the existence of those planets has been speculation (and reasonable minds can disagree about how warranted such speculation is). But now, while the starships remain speculation, the existence of an Earth-sized world in a distant “habitable zone” is confirmed, thanks to astronomers using NASA’s Kepler Space Telescope.

For those unfamiliar, the “habitable zone” is the range of distance from a star where liquid water might pool on the surface of an orbiting planet. The discovery of Kepler-186f confirms that planets the size of Earth exist in the habitable zone of stars other than our sun.

Previous discoveries of planets in stellar habitable zones have been too big–at least 40 percent larger than Earth and a difficult place to get around. Don’t even think about trying push ups or chin ups. Even riding a bike might be a challenge.

But Kepler-186f is more reminiscent of Earth.

According to Paul Hertz, NASA’s Astrophysics Division director at the agency’s headquarters in Washington:

“The discovery of Kepler-186f is a significant step toward finding worlds like our planet Earth. Future NASA missions, like the Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite and the James Webb Space Telescope, will discover the nearest rocky exoplanets and determine their composition and atmospheric conditions, continuing humankind’s quest to find truly Earth-like worlds.”

Not that there isn’t still a lot of room for speculation. Although the size of Kepler-186f is known, its mass and composition are not. Previous research, however, suggests that a planet the size of Kepler-186f is likely to be rocky. That’s a good start. But, according to Thomas Barclay, research scientist at the Bay Area Environmental Research Institute at Ames, and co-author of the paper disclosing the discovery:

“Being in the habitable zone does not mean we know this planet is habitable. The temperature on the planet is strongly dependent on what kind of atmosphere the planet has. Kepler-186f can be thought of as an Earth-cousin rather than an Earth-twin. It has many properties that resemble Earth.”

So maybe now is the time to buy land–while the prices are cheap because of uncertainty.

But don’t pack your bags just yet. Kepler-186f resides in the constellation Cignus, orbiting a red dwarf star in the Kepler-186 system, about 500 light-years from Earth. We haven’t quite perfected a mode of transportation that would get us there in a lifetime–or even scores of lifetimes–and that would not corrode or otherwise fail to entropy long before reaching the destination.

But maybe soon. In the meantime, if you are making plans, plan for a 130-day year, and plan for cold weather. Kepler-186f receives about one-third the energy from its star that Earth gets from the sun, placing it nearer the outer edge of the habitable zone. On the surface of Kepler-186f, the brightness of its star at high noon is only as bright as our sun appears to us about an hour before sunset.

The four companion planets, inside the orbit of Kepler-186f (named, for now, Kepler-186b, c, d and e–okay, okay, the marketing folks need to work on that), whiz around the red dwarf every four, seven, 13, and 22 days, respectively, making them too hot for life as we know it. Maybe good sources of minerals?

kepler186f system

The diagram compares the planets of our inner solar system to Kepler-186, a five-planet star system about 500 light-years from Earth in the constellation Cygnus. The five planets of Kepler-186 orbit an M dwarf, a star that is is half the size and mass of the sun. [Click link below for more.] Image Credit: NASA Ames/SETI Institute/JPL-Caltech

Overall, this is an astounding find, and we can expect more discoveries of the same type. For more information about the Kepler mission, visit the Kepler Mission Site.


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Pre-Order Hearts in Ruin Now

Cover Art by Lyn Taylor

Cover Art by Lyn Taylor

Liquid Silver Books has added Hearts in Ruin to its Coming Soon Pre-Order page. all pre-orders on the page are 20% off the regular price. For Hearts in Ruin that offers savings of $1.00 off the regular $4.99 price.

Hearts in Ruin will be available in multiple eBook formats, including .epub, .lit, .mobi, .pdf, and .prc.

The book will be released on May 5, 2014. See the Excerpts and Teasers menu above for samples of Hearts in Ruins and other stories.


Andrea’s career-making “sure thing” archeological dig has just been transferred to her super-hot colleague Daniel, whose questionable ideas could sink both their careers. But what if he’s right? When the site is threatened, Andrea must choose: run, and save her career, or stand with Daniel against crushing odds.

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Special Guest Author Christy Gissendaner Gives a Taste of In Too Deep

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Liquid Silver Author Rosanna Leo’s New Release

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Rosanna Leo’s thrilling shifter series continues with Predator’s Claim, Gemini Island Shifters 4. Come to Gemini Island, where the men are rough, gruff and a little wild. Rosanna’s books are all available at, as well as Amazon, Kobo, B&N, … Continue reading

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