Redondo Beach Fundraiser for Warrior Cry

Thank you to every person that purchased copies of Battlespace signed by me as one of its co-authors and/or donated funds to benefit the Warrior Cry Music Project this weekend. The event raised in excess of $300 for the project. It was a terrific one-evening event. Please let others know and let’s keep this ball rolling.

Thanks also to the great folks at the Science Fiction Show for producing and editing Battlespace to benefit the project and for dedicating time and energy to the cause.

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4 Responses to Redondo Beach Fundraiser for Warrior Cry

  1. John says:

    Correction/Update: We exceeded $400.00, which means the anthology has now made more than $1,000 for Warrior Cry!

  2. John says:

    Here is the Battlespace Press Release of the event:
    Battlespace author raises $400 for wounded soldiers

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