“November Elf” at Hogglepot

My short story, “November Elf,” is now available to read at the online magazine, Hogglepot, edited by Brooke Johnson. “November Elf” is a 924-word modern fantasy tale of a middle-age man struggling with forgetfulness when he encounters a modern elf downtown under unlikely circumstances.

Hogglepot is an online fantasy and science fiction magazine featuring all sub-genres including (but not limited to) alternate history, dystopian, fairy tale, historical, gothic, light fantasy, magical realism, paranormal, science fantasy, space opera, steampunk, superhero, supernatural, sword and sorcery, time travel, urban fantasy, and weird western. The editor, Brooke Johnson, is the author of, among other things, The Clockwork Giant, a book in the Chroniker City Series available at many retailers.

“November Elf” is presently on the “This Week” front page of Hogglepot. All of the stories published by Hogglepot are listed in its archive.

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1 Response to “November Elf” at Hogglepot

  1. What a great little story — the dialogue is excellent!. It reminds me of one I wrote several years ago about a man who runs into God at a Manhattan cocktail party, except mine was far too impressed with its own genius virtuosity, and so really didn’t work very well. I’m looking forward to reading more of your work!

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