Mystic Signals Issue 16 Released

The 16th Issue of Mystic Signals, edited by Carol Hightshoeis now available in print at for $12.00. The pdf version will be available soon.

Mystic Signals includes all stories published in The Lorelei Signal and Sorcerous Signals as well as 2 print exclusive stories. In this issue, you will find my short story, “Bingham’s Deep Woods Fairies” (with the help of a very special guidebook, Carolyn ventures into the woods to hunt fairies; but what she finds is more startling than she expects, and Carolyn learns more about fairies, and herself, than she could have imagined), previously published in The Lorelei Signal. Mine is the third of 21 pieces in the volume.

In addition, there are stories by Evan Dicken (Timor Vincet Nihil), Robert Collins (Duke Edwin), Danielle Gronwold (Flesh and Bone), C.J. Paget (Imaginary Enemies), Josie Gowler (Believing in Luck), Karen Maric (Madame Melodia and the Love Machines), Anna Sykora (Children of the Unicorn Clan), Gary Girod (Before Midnight When Ten Billion Sleep), Darrell Albert (Star Rats), R. Scott Russell (Stow Away), Charles Kyffhausen (Cycle of Justice), Bernise Marie D. Carolino (Dead Girl’s Sphinx), Margaret L Carter (Dusting Pixie), Mary E Lowd (The Genetic Menagerie), M. K. A. Marble (Inner Mind’s Pyramid), and Jerome Brooke (Spare Me); and poetry by W. Luke Hamel (To the Empty Castle of My Queen I Came), Kelda Crich (They Called Me Red Hood), Richard H Fay (When Wizards Clashed) and John Hayes (The Uncle Returns).

The issue is packed full of fun and imaginative tales and lives up to its promise: “Mystic Signals will lead the reader in new realms of magic and imagination.”

This is the second anthology to feature one of my short stories in a print format available on Amazon. The first was Battlespace, still doing well. Both anthologies are shown on my Amazon Author Page.

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