Last Call for Certain Anthology Submissions

Two of the previous calls for anthology submissions from editor, Dorothy Davies, at Static Movement, are closing at the end of November: Last Night and Long Pig. Both are themed horror anthologies (descriptions below).

Static Movement is a non-paying ezine and imprint for print books. On staff at this time are 12 editors, including chief editor Chris Bartholomew, and one illustrator. Static Movement has 25 published books, 27 anthologies taking submissions, and 5 years of ezine publication.

Last Night. “Your hero/heroine’s last night? The night before an execution, a breakup, a meeting? The end of the world? What happened during that last night? What if they find out afterwards it was their last night, what regrets would they have?

Explore the thought of that last night, see where it takes you, what dark and devious pathways you walk…”


Long Pig. “Cannibalism, one of the last taboos, is the focus of fascination for a lot of people. What stories can you conjure for me featuring the consumption of long pig? How is the ‘meat’ acquired, what does your hero or heroine have to do – or go through – to get it?

“Surely this is one of the ultimate horror themes, so dig out your deepest darkest thoughts and put them into a story for this anthology, which will surely be a winner with all who love their food…”

The anthology Broken is also still accepting stories with 24 accepted to date, including my flash story, “Letters to the Luminiferous Aether.” For a list of all Static Movement anthologies, published and still open for submissions, see Static Movement’s Project Page.

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