Static Movement Anthologies Update

For those awaiting the next Static Movement Anthology releases, the following anthologies are now lined up for publication in the following order (subject to change):

  • TheEndCoverGhost Stories Western Style book 2
    • Mirror, Mirror
      • Urban Nightmares
        • Deathly Encounters
          • The End
            • Night Hunters
              • Evil Twin
  • IntheDarknessIn Vino Veritas
    • Dangerous Dreams
      • Zombie Versus
        • Undead Space
          • Broken
            • Alien
              • In The Darkness
                • Twainish
                  • Super
                    • RUN!
                      • Beneath the Waves
                        • Portals

Two of the foregoing–In Vino Veritas and Broken–will include one or more of my stories, “Another Wrong World,” “Medicinal Need,” and “Letters to the Luminiferous Aether.”

For writers, although the above anthologies are now closed to submissions, many additional anthologies are open and accepting stories. Static Movement is a “for the love” market (i.e., no pay, only exposure). But it is a great outfit that has kept the ball rolling for writers for many years. It also accepts reprints and simultaneous submissions. The Anthologies I’m aware of that are presently accepting stories are:

  • LegendsandLoreThe Badlands
  • Bloody Ghost Stories: An Anthology of Dark Supernatural Demise
  • Changelings
  • Colors
  • Demonology
  • Dragon Blood
  • AlicornsandHoovesGifted
  • WerewolfversusVampireGypsies and Giants
  • Halloween Shrieks
  • Here Be Clowns II
  • Incense and Perfume
  • Legends and Lore
  • GypsiesGiantsLove at First Bite
  • Magickally Delicious
  • Modern Lovecraft
  • Neon and Blood
  • Retellings – YA
  • Shape Shifters
  • GiftedSweet Dreams and Night Terrors
  • The Undead War
  • Undercurrents of Fear
  • Visions Across 20 Light Years
  • Werewolf versus Vampire

Those in Red Bold are (to my knowledge) already over 50,000 words, and many are filling fast. Generally, anthologies that reach 70,000 words or higher (with some editorial variations) are then closed, edited and sent for publishing. To see submission guidelines and other relevant information, go to Static Movement’s OPEN SUBMISSION PAGE, find the anthology and read the thread.

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