Congratulations to Three Categories of Nano Winners

The most obvious “win” category for National Novel Writing Month is the group of writers that hammered out 50,000+ words this November. Congratulations to all of you that reached that goal. It is a wonderful demonstration in efficient writing and you should be proud.

A second “win” category is the group of writers that gave it a shot and wrote something. These are the writers that wrote up to 40,000+ words (that was me this year), or those that wrote a scene or two. If NaNoWriMo helped, or just the encouragement of other writers, everything you have written is a “win” and the NaNoWriMo organization will be quick to inform you, as a participant, that you are a winner and should be proud. I, for one, am very pleased I accomplished what I did.

A third “win” category is the group of writers that considered it, weighed the alternatives, and chose a different writing path–be it edits and redrafts, new scenes of a half-completed work, the outline of a short story, or time to mull over an idea or to simply live life and let come what may. Writers that make a choice about writing one way or another, and do it their way, are taking steps toward completed works that are uniquely theirs. You are also, beyond a doubt, winners, and you should be proud.

I like NaNoWriMo because it provides a fun and good excuse to break the blocks and hammer an early draft out. I also like it because it raises awareness–including, maybe most importantly, my own personal awareness–about the writing process and can be the catalyst to making writing decisions. It’s something I do, and need. It’s something thousands of writers around the world also do. I’m proud to be among the community of persons that take pen to paper (fingers to keyboards) and create.

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3 Responses to Congratulations to Three Categories of Nano Winners

  1. nancyrae4 says:

    Thanks for a wonderful positive spin on writing!
    This year it seemed like everyone I know was doing NaNo ! Actually, I felt left out:) But, since loosing momentum on my first draft wasn’t an option I chose to hammer along. I’m glad I did, but I’m so impressed by all the NaNoing going on out there.

  2. Aleena says:

    40,000 words. Still very impressive.

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