New Royalty Anthologies Open for Submission at Thirteen Press

Thirteen Press announced today the opening of three new short-story anthologies: War, Wildwood, and Pyromania. These are themed anthologies. Thirteen Press is a new imprint of Horrified Press. The themes are described by the editor as follows:

  • War: “A chance to explore horror within horror, any war, any era, just make it dark. Think of all the scenarios a war zone can throw up and then pick one… not really looking for fantasy, more reality based horror. I am quite convinced you can do it…”
  • Wildwood: “Trees, plants, wild animals and then more trees. What stories could you conjure from the images of a Wildwood? Legends if you wish, horror definitely, fantasy, keep it to a minimum, yes? I am looking more for ‘reality’ based horror for this one.”
  • Pyromania: “Fire, that form of heat and light we cannot live without, even if it is channelled through wires and pipes these days. What can you dream up as a story based on fire? Who is on fire, what is on fire… let your imagination soar!”

As to each anthology: flash fiction, short stories (1k to 6k), poetry and reprints are considered; there are no taboos (just let your imagination run wild); and “dark fairy tales, bizarre, horror, surrealism, dark science-fiction and steam punk are all cool here.” Click the links above for submission guidelines and deadlines.

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