Getting Real with Science Fiction

“The Time We’re In” is a new 22-minute SF drama in post production now. It is a project that promises to show the serious side of science fiction and its ability to focus on characters and their plight–something the great works of science fiction often do.

The story follows Gabriel and Nadia as they learn of her cancer diagnosis. Struggling with the news, Gabriel embarks on an internalized mental quest to help Nadia by any means possible, including learning to defy physics and warp reality by learning to stop time. “The Time We’re In” is said to be presented in a stylistic non-linear fashion slanted toward a dramatic character piece. The SF elements are important to the story but not its primary focus, which centers on the question; “what lengths would you go to save the one you love?”

The short film’s creator, Damon Stout,  two time local Emmy® Award winner in Los Angeles, based the film this past unbelievably-difficult and emotionally-challenging year. Stout first learned of his father’s cancer diagnosis, then his wife’s, then his mother’s.

“It has been an almost unbearable 12 months of major ups and downs punctuated by moments of unimaginable grief. As I’m sure you can image or can relate to, it can be quite crippling battling your own fears while attempting to be strong and supportive to those around you facing this disease.”

stoutAs a life-long storyteller, Stout found himself in a creative vacuum, with no screenplay ideas, songs ideas, or any other creative expressions. “Honestly it all seemed pointless and frivolous, even selfish.” But the principle of “Write What You Know,” led to the story idea for “The Time We’re In.”

For more information and updates, visit the film’s Web Page, or follow its progress on Twitter. or the film’s KickStarter Page.

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