Loncon 3 Report

Loncon 3 will be a celebration of science fiction in all its forms. London expects well over 7,000 fans to invade the city and join them at London’s ExCeL centre, along with hundreds of writers, editors, artists, and other professionals from across the genre.

It will be the 72nd Worldcon, and the first to be held in London since 1965. It will also be the 75th anniversary of the very first Worldcon held in New York in 1939 – something Loncon 3 will be celebrating within its program and events.

Being chosen as a Worldcon guest of honor is a significant recognition of each person’s commitment and contribution, effectively representing a Hall of Fame for the science fiction and fantasy field.

The guests of honor (or “Guests of Honour” in the Loncon 3 programme) in 2014 are:

The following film was made for Loncon 3 by Mark Slater in 2012, to mark London winning the bid to host the 2014 Worldcon. It introduces the guests of honor. It is presented here in its original form, not least to emphasize that Loncon 3 will still be celebrating the work and contribution of all seven of its guests, including Iain M Banks, who is dearly missed.

We await news of who will replace Jonathan Ross, who graciously turned down the offer, as MC of the event. For up-to-date information as matters develop, Loncon 3 is present on social media.

If you need a reminder of why London is the ideal place for a Worldcon, take a look at this video:

For more information about the event, visit Loncon 3’s website, which has everything you need to know about the convention, including the guestsprogrammespecial eventsexhibitsArt ShowDealers’ Zone and of course how to register and where to stay while you’re in town.

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