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Advancements in Beringia Theory

Linguists have made further advancements in showing a relationship between Siberian and Alaskan languages called the Dené–Yeniseian family. Dené is the Alaskan and Yeniseian is the Siberian branch of the family. Linguists used phylogenetic analysis, relying on linguistic similarities and ancient migration … Continue reading

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Available Now: In Vino Veritas with Three of My Short Stories

Thirteen Press has now released the short story anthology In Vino Veritas, presently available at for $5.09. When people drink, all sorts of things happen… it brings out something in them, something that has been concealed: they develop a mood … Continue reading

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Roman Soldier v. Germanic Warrior

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Whether you are planning a miniature wargaming campaign, or researching conditions for an historical romance, this is a book to consider. This month sees the release of Combat 6 Roman Soldier vs Germanic Warrior: 1st Century AD. by Lindsay Powell and … Continue reading

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Full DNA Genome Sequence of a Clovis Skeleton

The question of Pre-Clovis occupation of the American continents plays prominently in my new novel, Hearts in Ruin. The mystery of humanity’s occupation of the continent is not mere fiction. Evidence continues to be developed that challenges past presumptions, including … Continue reading

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A Change in Jovian Weather

Jupiter’s famous Great Red Spot is showing signs of age. The spot, known to be caused by a great, uninterrupted storm in the Jovian atmosphere, has been shrinking for many decades. But the visible evidence of it has never been … Continue reading

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Untied Shoelaces Free E-Book Giveaways

Untied Shoelaces of the Mind, which published my flash story “Seed of Doubt,” has free books to give away. According to chief editor, Geoffrey C. Porter, his military science fiction epic, R.A.E.C.E. Genesis, is a free download on Amazon kindle right … Continue reading

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Free Panel on Writing Fiction Using Psychology in Studio City

Learn how crime writers use psychological perspectives to motivate characters and build suspense   The Southern California Chapter of Mystery Writers of America is hosting afree panel discussion, Biblioanalysis: Psychology in Mystery Writing, at the Studio City Public Library, 12511 Moorpark Street, Studo … Continue reading

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J. C. Conway Interview at Writer’s Kaboodle

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It was an honor to be interviewed this evening by Sezoni Whitfield at Writer’s Kaboodle. Writer’s Kaboodle is a networking site for book lovers, writers and best-selling authors everywhere. Its hashtag, #WritersKaboodle, is its conversation forum where readers and writers can … Continue reading

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Hearts in Ruin First Week Reviews

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At the close of the first week of its release, four Amazon customers have read and reviewed Hearts in Ruin. The reviews are extremely encouraging (with captions like “Delightful”, “An Intelligent Read” and “Emotionally Charged and Thought Provoking Love Story”) … Continue reading

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Interview: Friday Fast 5

Don’t miss today’s interview of me at Jessie Clever’s site. It’s a wonderful set of questions and a terrific site.  beginning with her question: “What author first inspired you to write your own stories?” And my response admitting: It was … Continue reading

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