Available Now: In Vino Veritas with Three of My Short Stories

Thirteen Press has now released the short story anthology In Vino Veritas, presently available at Lulu.com for $5.09.

When people drink, all sorts of things happen… it brings out something in them, something that has been concealed: they develop a mood anywhere between happy and murderous. Within those two end pieces lies a range of emotions and actions which the talented Thirteen Press authors have explored in great detail in this exciting and fascinating anthology, guaranteed to make you reach for a bottle of something, beer, wine or spirits. Enjoy!

The stories all involve a drink in one fashion or another. In Vino Veritas includes three of my short stories, including the never-before-published story, “Medicinal Need.”


  • Medicinal Need” is a new western tale about a seriously-injured young cowboy on a cattle drive and the medicinal bourbon offered by the trail boss to save the cow hand’s life. This story is my first short western.
  • Another Wrong World” is the quick, amusing tale of a forlorn star pilot that must share his woes in exchange for a stiff Rigelian Rye on the house, first published in Issue 23 of Indigo Rising Magazine.
  • Early Retirement” is the first person story of a forlorn astro-surveyor who learns something terrible about the fate of the world and his company’s role in that fate. The story begins as he encounters a gregarious problem-solver in an asteroid bar. It was first published in Static Movement.
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