Hearts in Ruin Released in All Standard E-Book Formats

????????????????????????????????????I’m pleased to announce that my debut novel, Hearts in Ruin, is now available for purchase and download. The book can be acquired directly from the publisher, Liquid Silver Books. It’s also available at Amazon, and should be available soon at other outlets as well.

I will be featured through interviews, spotlights, and guest appearances throughout the week, including yesterday’s interview of me by author Annette Drake, and Saturday’s spotlight of Hearts in Ruin by author Daisy Banks.

The book is about two young archaeologists, Andrea and Daniel, in conflict about a groundbreaking archaeological site in New Mexico. Passion, lies and betrayal drive events as the two must come to grips with each other, their surprising discovery, and outside threats against their work and their careers. Throughout the book we catch occasional glimpses of two paleolithic lovers over the span of their lives at a catastrophic time. Whether Andrea and Daniel can uncover the truth about those ancient lives and their struggle will depend on how they handle their own issues as well as the forces against them.

The publisher rates the romance action in the novel as “Spicy,” which is between “Sweet” and “Hot,” and categorizes the story as being romance, adventure and suspense. My editor for Hearts in Ruin at Liquid Silver Books is Ansley Blackstock, who did a terrific job and was great to work with. Liquid Silver Books is a well-established eBook publisher and its editors and staff are energetic and exciting to work with. If you are at all inclined to delve into a romantic archaeological mystery, please give Hearts in Ruin a read and I hope you enjoy the story as much I enjoyed putting it together.



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