“Worlds Less Traveled” Now Published in Print and Audio Formats Online at Comets and Criminals

iStock_000014088587Medium-resize“Worlds Less Traveled,” my short science fiction story about a troubled attorney at an off-world deposition struggling to manage his waning anti-psychotic field, is the July feature at the online ezine, Comets and Criminals, edited by Samuel Mae. Comets and Criminals is a long-standing science-fiction publication with a flare for adventure.

Samuel Mae does a wonderful job of narrating the audio track, and it is definitely worth a listen. “Worlds Less Traveled” was originally published by Perihelion Science Fiction in 2013, in an issue that is no longer available.

The story begins with the following lines:

“My anti-psychotic field shifts to low-power mode. Sparkling clarity rushes in.”

Which is perhaps enough to give pause. Then we are provided a setting far from Earth:

“On Brumal, lightyears from Earth, I activate my Pocket Paralegal, Penelope. Her soft voice resonates in my ear. ‘Yes Mr. Maynard?'”

Things have not gotten very strange yet. But events quickly lead the protagonist to question his ability to manage his condition.

The tale has been described as fun, intriguing and well paced. I hope you enjoy reading it, or listening to the audio presentation, or both. And please peruse the other stories at Comets and Criminals.


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