Gentle Push Available as a FREE Kindle Download This Weekend

Gentle Push KDP CoverStarting today, Friday 10/17, for the next few days, my short story GENTLE PUSH is available as a FREE #kindle download. So please, head over to Amazon and get it. Both Science-Fiction fans and non-Science-Fiction fans (and even some anti-Science-Fiction readers) have loved this tale. It is about an ancient alien’s first encounter with a human–an abrasive and unusual woman–as the rest of her human colony abandons the Delta Pavonis star system before the arrival of an invading horde.

A short excerpt from early in the story, from the point of view of the alien scout:

…As I skirted the system’s rocky halo, I spotted the small starship drifting quietly in the mid-outer dust cloud–a tug with strong field generators fore and aft. It was not preparing to flee. I looked closer. Its artificial environment was intact. Its engines were functional. It had a single human occupant, alive and well as far as I could tell.

I hailed it. “Do you require assistance?”

It responded abruptly: “Leave me alone.”

It doesn’t know a lot about humans, and things don’t get any clearer for quite some time. This story has been very well received. One reader kindly described it like this: “This is very good writing, has sacrifice, action, planning, some of the best things that humans can do. Even if we suffer from the human condition, there is always hope.”

Please download it now while it is free. After the #kindle giveaway it will return to its regular 99 cent price.

And if you like it, you are welcome to request a free signed copy through Authorgraph. I also have other short stories for #kindle download, many for 99 cents, including:

And many others, including my wife’s very short personal favorite (you’ll understand something about her sense of humor once you read it):


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