A Tip of the Hat to Those in the Greek System with Principles and Integrity

From media headlines to Hollywood movies, fraternity men are commonly characterized as irresponsible jerks whose extracurricular activities include disrespecting women, binge-drinking, hazing pledges and blowing their parents’ money.

Yes, sadly those bad examples do exist in fraternities. Just as they do in any organization or team, as well as society at large. But I would hate to see wide-sweeping generalizations discredit the majority of young men whose fraternity experience is positive and bears no relationship to the negative images often portrayed.

I dislike stereotypes. So to those young men and women in the Greek system who study, improve their community and help others build strong futures for themselves and others, let’s tip our hats. Stand proud and fight the good fight. We are all in this together.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iiAf-Y9lYGA]
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