The Lost World of the Old Ones: Discoveries in the Ancient Southwest – David Roberts

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lost worldIn a dim recess, they saw a wonderful basket lying face down, perfectly preserved, and beautifully woven. David Roberts and his wife Sharon looked at it in awe, took photographs, and didn’t touch it.  They left it just as they found it, as it had been for hundreds of years.  This amazing thing occurs often in this book.  David Roberts doesn’t pick up a shard, an arrowhead, nothing.  He and a growing number of archaeologists feel that artifacts should remain where they are found.

I enjoyed this book immensely. David Roberts takes the reader with him on his journeys into the backcountry of the four corners area, describing the scenery, the heat, the rock art, and pueblo ruins all in wonderful detail.  He makes the grueling hikes, breathtaking climbs, and river rafting seem like something any reader would want to do.  The book is suitable for all ages, and is…

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