Leaves of the Fall to be published in RAIN by Thirteen Press

“Leaves of the Fall” is the tale of a young man in a world very different from ours searching truth and meaning. He finds far more than he bargained for. Heartwarming in part, but also chilling and poignant, Leaves of the Fall opens a new view legacy, destiny and hope.

Thirteen Press has accepted the story for its anthology Rain, edited by Dorothy Davies. Thirteen Press is an imprint of Horrified Press. It produces print and ebook anthologies as well as audio books. We don’t have a release date for the Rain anthology yet. The publishers is looking for six or so additional stories to complete the volume.

“Leaves of the Fall” begins:

We turn our shoulders against the warm rain. It slants east, relentlessly perpendicular to the length of the valley floor. Or so everyone sees it. There are those that sense it’s something else. They keep to themselves, although I’ve heard pieces in whispers and songs.

“I want to see the sky,” I once begged. Keith had said during recess there was no sky. I didn’t believe it. He was always getting detention for one lie or another. But a little proof wouldn’t hurt.

Mom shrugged. “One day, hun, when the rain stops.”

But it doesn’t stop. Ever…

He wants to find out why, and sets out to do so. It shouldn’t be long before it’s out and I hope you enjoy it.

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