Happy Left Handers Day

Today is Left Handers Day. I, for one, am very left handed. It’s not something I think about very often. I don’t consider it a sign of superiority or inferiority (although I was not above making the superiority argument to my right-handed siblings from time to time as I grew up). But I’m fairly certain that left-handed persons are more aware of their handedness than right-handed persons. The right-hand dominated world does that to us. Manufacturers generally design things for right-handed people. Common place items from game controllers to the side-buttons on smart phones to the safety features on power tools, are often (meaning “almost always”) awkward for left-handed use, and in the case of power tools (think all manner of saws, for instance), downright dangerous. It’s always been like that. I’m used to it. It’s still occasionally annoying. But I get over it.

I think the point of Left Handers Day is awareness. Give it some thought. And for goodness sake, if you have a left-handed child, learn more about it. There are many small pitfalls that can be avoided with just a smidgen of handedness knowledge. Happy Left Handers Day. Now go hug a southpaw.

Writing is a particular kind of challenge. My handwriting is notoriously sloppy looking–nothing like the picture above. My solution was to learn keyboarding at an early age.

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2 Responses to Happy Left Handers Day

  1. nanrae4 says:

    I hug a southpaw everyday…my excellent husband.

  2. nancyrae4 says:

    I hug a southpaw everyday…my talented husband:)

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