The J. C. Conway Kindle Bookshelf

The following stories are available on Kindle:

J C Conway Bookshelf 2

One is a complete novel–Hearts in Ruin. Its a romantic adventure story involving two archaeologists with a speculative fiction backstory. Another is an anthology of short stories–Another Wrong World and other off beat tales. Each story in it was previously published.

The other titles are short stories, available for 99 cents each. From left to right, and skipping the anthology and the novel, they are: “Love, Death and Overlapping Bosonic Singularities” (a science-fiction romance), “Silence of the Imbeciles” (a fantasy-related teen tale of self discovery), “Gentle Push” (a science fiction story that is the favorite of many of my readers), “Worlds Less Traveled” (a science fiction featuring an attorney struggling with a psychotic condition at an off-world deposition), “Murphy’s Traverse” (a science fiction conundrum), “Bingham’s Deep Woods Fairies” (a young-teen fantasy), and “Separation Anxiety” (another reader favorite, very short, but with something to think about).

Each short story was previously published elsewhere before being self-published by me through Kindle under my reverted and/or retained rights. The book covers are all mine, except for “Gentle Push” which features artwork by Laura Givens, although the remainder of the cover design is mine, “Bingham’s Deep Woods Fairies,” which was created with Kindle’s book cover maker software, and Hearts in Ruin, which is a professional cover by Lynn Taylor.

Putting these together was fun, and a learning experience. Formatting requires special attention to detail. Cover design is a creative distraction, in which I learned to find base art using pay royalty-free image sources, and practiced design techniques using Word, Powerpoint, Picture Manager, Paint and GIMP. I always appreciated, but now deeply admire, professional book cover artists. One of the covers above, for “Love, Death and Overlapping Bosonic Singularities,” is about to get a makeover. Keep an eye out for it.

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