Short Science Fiction Film “New” is Available to View

In March 2014, we discussed the opportunity to help fund the finishing touches of a short science fiction film, NEW, by Writer/Director John Harden. (See the original post HERE.) NEW debuted online this past Monday and the response has been strong. You can see at Vimeo HERE. You can also see it at the film’s website. The work earned the “Critic’s Award for Excellence” for Best Short Film at FilmFest Twain Harte, 2014. It’s a tad over 15 minutes long and stars Jared Abrahamson, Joslyn Jensen, and Jennifer Lafleur.

Says Writer/Director John Harden:

Writer/Director John Harden

There aren’t many science fiction movies made for grown-ups. So, I made one. Principal photography on our ambitious short film wrapped in August 2013. Before production even began, NEW had already won one prize: a prose adaptation of my script won 1st place in the Redwood Writer’s Group 2012 science fiction short-story competition.

NEW couldn’t have been made without generous help from family, friends and strangers. It’s worth checking out the original crowdfunding pages here, and here to learn more about how NEW came to be. In particular, look at the updates pages for behind-the-scenes photos and details on our production.

The film tells the story of Hugh and Candace, an elderly couple who choose to be cryonically preserved at the time of their deaths. Awakened centuries later, they find their minds and memories intact and their health–and youth–restored. What unfolds is a drama, spiked with humor, as the two come to grips with the joys and challenges of a second life in the distant future.

Spread the word. You can follow John Harden on Vimeo HERE or on Twitter HERE. I enjoyed NEW a great deal. I hope you do, too.

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  1. johnharden says:

    Thank you for this, J. C.!

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