Apply Now: Astronauts Wanted, Training Provided

Want to be an astronaut? NASA is taking applications. Recently named the best place to work in the federal government for the fourth year in a row, NASA is looking for the best candidates to work in the best job on or off the planet. The astronaut candidate application website is live and accepting submissions. The time to apply is now–application deadline is February 18, 2016.

“NASA is on an ambitious journey to Mars and we’re looking for talented men and women from diverse backgrounds and every walk of life to help get us there.”

–NASA Administrator and former astronaut Charles Bolden

There are stringent requirements. U.S. citizenship is a must. Specific degrees are mandatory. Other qualifications apply. Applications are being accepted through the USAJOBS website. From the USAJOBS Website job summary:

NASA is accepting applications for a new class of astronauts. Today, more new human spacecraft are in development in the United States (U.S.) than at any time in history, and future Astronaut Candidates will have the opportunity to explore farther in space than humans have ever been.

The next class of astronauts may fly on any of four different U.S. spacecraft during their careers: the International Space Station (ISS), two new commercial spacecraft being built by U.S. companies, and NASA’s Orion deep-space exploration vehicle…

Additionally, the Space Launch System rocket and Orion spacecraft, now in development, will launch astronauts on missions to the proving ground of lunar orbit where NASA will learn to conduct complex operations in a deep space environment before moving on to longer duration missions on the journey to Mars.

But time is of the essence. “To receive consideration you must meet the minimum requirements by the closing date of the announcement; and submit all required information by the closing date…” (USAJOBS Website.)

The USAJOBS Website has full information, including Key Requirements, Duties, Qualifications, How You Will Be Evaluated, Benefits, How to Apply, Required Documents, Agency Contact Info, What to Expect Next, and Other Information. If you qualify and have the desire, give it a go. God’s speed.

NASA’s Orion spacecraft flew around Earth two times on a test flight. Credits: NASA

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