Anthologies to Watch for and to Read

In editing now, the multi-author anthology More Tales from the Blue Gonk Cafe will be a real treat for flash fiction fans. It revolves around five sessions of visiting writers, and I’ve contributed a flash story for each session. The anthology is edited by Dorothy Davies of Thirteen O’Clock Press. As described by the publisher:

The Blue Gonk Café decided to try something different. The owner invited a variety of top class storytellers to come along for storytelling sessions, starting at breakfast. The idea was met with great enthusiasm and the storytellers signed up for each of the five sessions. Not everyone made it to every session but enough did to make the day a stunning success.

The cover and release date are coming soon. In the meantime, check out these other recent anthologies, now available, with stories from many of the brilliant authors that contributed to Blue Gonk:


X3 is a diverse and intriguing collection of stories which are weird, unclassifiable and experimental… dive into this eclectic mix and enjoy a wide range of stories from Thirteen’s impressive authors who raided their archives for unpublished extraordinary tales – and look out for more editions soon.

Available at Lulu | Amazon


What are these characters waiting for … a visit, a phone call, a text, a promise to be fulfilled, a holiday, a job, death… Tell me what you think. The word can be used in so many different ways. This anthology starts early on with the story of a girl waiting for a train. Let’s see what else these authors let loose from their imaginations!

Available at Lulu | Amazon


Crossroads, we meet them often in our lives, sometimes physical, sometimes emotional, always challenging. Which way to go, which way to choose. You just have to hope the way you choose doesn’t lead to death and destruction… Take due warning from these dark and different stories from Thirteen authors, and hold their lessons for the next time you come across a crossroad.

Available at Lulu | Amazon

And the eBook Arachnophobia:

Arachnophobia is usually rated as one of the most prevalent of phobias and who can disbelieve this when you see the horrid creatures creeping, scuttling, hiding, waiting to pounce, building dust trapping webs everywhere… Let the talented Thirteen Press authors get going on a topic like spiders and associated horrors and all hell breaks loose! If you really are spider phobic, this is not for you. If you want to be terrorised and unable to tolerate the nasties near you, this is for you. Enjoy… Available at Lulu | Amazon

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