A Sit Down with Krista Lynn…

L.L. Kane

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KL_PPix(Krista Lynn) Blood Stones is a romantic suspense Novel with paranormal and Sci-fi elements. It is a story of possession, both supernatural and human, centering around the Lost Blood Stones Gold Mine in Sunset Canyon and the strange power that seems to hold the canyon in a stronghold of magic—magic that repels or kills any who would search for the legendary treasure.

The fates of the first “looters” in the 1500s intent on finding the Lost Cities of Gold, was only the beginning of a trail of mystery and bloodshed leading to present times. The danger persists. One family in 1911, and then another in 2015, come face to face with the deadly results of getting close to the lost mine. One of them is captured in the web of energy that guards the secret of The Tribe of Twelve…

Deep in the…

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