New Anthology: Unintended Consequences from WolfSinger Publications

For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction – Newton’s Third Law of Motion.

While Newton was talking about motion when he developed the above law, it can also be said that for every action or decision there is a consequence: sometimes good, sometimes bad.

Many times consequences can be foreseen and planned for. But there are times they are never seen. It is these unforeseen or Unintended Consequences that can have the biggest impact on individual lives.

  • An android working to pass as human.
  • A woman who loses her pre-destined ‘soul mate’ on world where they were marked at birth.
  • A Queen who uses magic to make her subjects more cooperative and helpful to each other.
    A wife who authorizes a radical treatment for dementia to be performed on her husband.
  • And 16 more who will learn about the unintended consequences that will affect their lives.

Featuring stories by: Lyn McConchie, Alexandria Bellefleur, Michael Picco, Natasha Cage, Catrin Sian Rutland, DJ Tyrer, Dana Bell, Holly Riordan, Chris Dean, Guy Anthony De Marco, Andrew M. Seddon, J.G. Formato, Michael W. Clark, S. D. Matley, Vaughan Stanger, Jean Martin, Edward Ahern, Glen Damien Campbell, Lyn Godfrey, and V. Hartman DiSanto.

Limited Time 25% Discount Offer (expires 8/15/16): 

  • To order a print copy of Unintended Consequences please click here — use discount code: 9HW5GHYR to save 25% off the cover price by 8/15/16.
  • To order an eBook copy please click here — use coupon code: LF75S to save 25% off the cover price by 8/15/16.

About WolfSinger Publications

WolfSinger Publications is a wonderful micro-press company that currently is the parent for two on-line magazines–The Lorelei Signal and Sorcerous Signals–as well as the print compilation of both, Mystic Signals. WolfSinger was the first publisher of two of my short stories:

In addition to the magazines, WolfSinger publishes short novels, generally in the Science Fiction and Fantasy genres. WolfSinger print books are available through online retailers such as and Barnes & WolfSinger ebooks are available from places like (Kindle), Apple (iPad), Kobo and Barnes &,, and other ebook retailers.

You can join WolfSinger’s email list HERE.

WolfSinger at World Con 2016

WolfSinger Publications will be in the dealer’s room for World Con 2016 in Kansas City, MO Aug 17th through 21st. As a small press, Wolfsinger could use help to fund the appearance. If you’d be willing to drop a few dollars toward helping a small press publisher pay for the trip to World Con – please visit Wolfsigner’s Go Fund Me page at:

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