Guest Post: Away, away, giveaway!

by Bob Rich

My best novel to date was published by Loving Healing Press in 2013. It’s got heaps of 5 star reviews, but understandably, sales are not what they used to be, so Victor, the publisher, has organized a Goodreads giveaway: 9 paper books to the denizens of the USA, Britain and Australia.

Wonderful. But then the adventure started. Murphy is alive and thriving.

He sent me a link, (Victor not Murphy, although, as you’ll see, that’s open to question), and I sent out multifarious notices in advance, tweeted tens of thousands of people via Ask David, and let the whole world know.

Then I discovered that the link was somewhat incorrect. Oh, it accessed a book giveaway at Goodreads — but not my book, not my giveaway.


I sent out corrections, modified web pages, and hoped for the best.

All the same, this morning I received the latest paid-for tweet from Ask David. Yes. It still had the wrong link in it.

It’s fortunate I practice Buddhist equanimity, or I’d be upset.

At the end of the second day, 117 people have entered, John being one of them. I’ve seen his photo among the kind people who have complimented me by wanting to read my book. (Well, they can read an electronic version for a few bucks anyway.)

Just think how many there would be if Murphy had kept his sticky fingers off my link!

Oh, the details:

“Ascending Spiral: Humanity’s last chance” is science fiction, and historical fiction, and biography, and non-fiction. This is a recipe for good reading.

The giveaway goes until 6th November.

And the CORRECT link is

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2 Responses to Guest Post: Away, away, giveaway!

  1. Dr Bob Rich says:

    Reblogged this on Bobbing Around and commented:
    Thank you, John Conway, for helping me let the world know about this giveaway.

  2. Dr Bob Rich says:

    John, I can see you understand one of the laws of our universe: the more you give, the more you get. Thank you for your generosity in accepting this post.

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