A Reality Check

rovelli1I’m putting this one on my list of books to read. Although I continue to read every day (or almost every day) this list seems to get longer as time passes. Still, it’s worth keeping, and it serves as a reminder, if nothing else, of things I find (or found) interesting. That, in turn, sets a metric against which I tend to measure new options as the arise. In other words, to make the list, it’s already cleared a substantial hurdle.

Bookheathen's Right to Read


Reality Is Not What It Seems

by Carlo Rovelli

‘The only true infinite thing is our ignorance.’

Carlo Rovelli is a professional scientist, a theoretical physicist who specialises in the study of quantum gravity. In this book he traces the developments in scientific thought that have led to our present knowledge of the cosmos. Beginning with the philosopher scientists of ancient Greece, he shows how, in many ways, our understanding of reality today is only an extension and development of ideas put forward by Democritus and Ptolemy, and more recently by Copernicus, Kepler and Galilei. Moving on to the more controversial theories of this century, he leaves us in no doubt that the story is incomplete for, as much as we know, there is so much more we do not know.

‘Our life is a combination of atoms, our thoughts …. hopes and emotions are written in a language…

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