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New Mystery in One of Titan’s Largest Hydrocarbon Seas

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Saturn’s large moon, Titan–the potential fuel depot of the future if we continue to rely upon hydrocarbon technology–has been under scrutiny for some time, and recently NASA’s Cassini spacecraft has detected an unexplained, changing feature in Ligeia Mare, one of … Continue reading

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Coming Soon: Nickel Stream

Perihelion Science Fiction has accepted for a future issue my new short science-fiction story, “Nickel Stream.” This tale, set in a fairly distant, star-faring future, is about a blue collar worker, Gina, stationed at an outpost close enough to a … Continue reading

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Attorneys in Space: Worlds Less Traveled Now Available at Smashwords

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With a new cover and new distribution channels, “Worlds Less Traveled” is now available in most ebook formats (it became available in Kindle format earlier this month). This short story has been well received since it first hit the scene … Continue reading

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New Kindle Anthology of Flash Fiction and Short Stories: Another Wrong World (and other offbeat tales)

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Another Wrong World: and other off beat tales is a collection of very short stories published in various magazines over the past two-and-a-half years. From asteroid bars to a child’s front yard, from the eyes of a veteran star pilot … Continue reading

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Another Member of the Club of Mars Visitors

India’s Mars Orbiter Mission (“MOM”) is now within nine million kilometers of Mars according to the Indian Space Research Organisation (“ISRO”). Yesterday, ISRO announced: “Mars Orbiter Mission (MOM) is just nine million km away from Mars and 189 million kilometres … Continue reading

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The Print Edition of Hearts in Ruin is Now Available

Available now on Amazon is the print edition of HEARTS IN RUIN. Lyn Taylor, the cover artist for the eBook edition, also completed the beautiful artwork for this print paperback. It is available in a nice 6×9 trade paperback format … Continue reading

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Rosetta Closes In on Comet 67P

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HEARTS IN RUIN begins with a paleolithic couple facing uncertainty at the approach of the “Fire Star.” Later, they experience first hand the effects of its impact with Earth. Today, we have a much safer way to setup first-hand experience … Continue reading

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August 13, 2014, is Left-Handers’ Day

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As Wikipedia notes, being a left-hander living in a right-handed world is inconvenient. The design and placement of everyday objects such as ticket dispensers in underground stations, door handles, hot water taps, can openers, pens chained down in banks and post offices, ringbound notebooks and even … Continue reading

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EBOOK NEWS: Apple Enters Hi-Lo Settlement of E-Book Price-Fixing Claim Contingent Upon Result of Appeal from DOJ Suit

Apple, Inc., has revealed details of its settlement with states and consumers alleging that Apple conspired to fix the prices of eBooks. The suit, filed in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York (Manhattan), follows an earlier … Continue reading

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Two Year Anniversary: Battlespace, Volume 1–a Noble Project and a Great Science Fiction Anthology

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Two years ago–July 2012–The Science Fiction Show released Battlespace, Volume 1–Military Science Fiction Anthology. The book is still available at Amazon in its Kindle format for $3.99, or used through Amazon dealers. The anthology is a great collection of military … Continue reading

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