The Print Edition of Hearts in Ruin is Now Available

Available now on Amazon is the print edition of HEARTS IN RUIN. Lyn Taylor, the cover artist for the eBook edition, also completed the beautiful artwork for this print paperback. It is available in a nice 6×9 trade paperback format and comes to just 174 pages. The retail price is $8.99, plus shipping, and it is available for free shipping on Amazon orders over $35.00.

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The eBook is, of course, still available for $4.99 in all known electronic-book formats as well, as published by Liquid Silver Books. You can purchase it at most major outlets, including Amazon. But the one place you can certainly get it in any format you desire is from the publisher at THIS LINK.

About Liquid Silver Books

As an author, I want to again say that my experience with Liquid Silver Books continues to be wonderful. The editors, staff and other authors are all very supportive, and Liquid Silver Books has created a positive community around its catalog of eBooks. I also want to thank Editorial Director Terri Schaefer for her supportive response about my interest in making the print edition available, and Marketing Director Michelle Hoppe for encouraging me to keep working on my next book.

For those of you with e-Readers, the eBook is still the best deal in town, and I highly recommend you acquire the book that way. But if you don’t have an e-Reader and/or don’t like reading books that aren’t physical paper books, there is now another option.

The CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

With respect to actual production, it was my responsibility to set the book to print. (Liquid Silver is one of the most established eBook publishers out there, and its focus is appropriately on that market.) This was my first foray into a type of independent publishing, so I chose CreateSpace (Amazon’s independent publishing platform), used by many other Liquid Silver authors. CreateSpace has been the launching platform of some other projects involving my work, and I found its interface to be very user friendly.

So I now have physical copies of HEARTS IN RUIN which I can sign for readers that want signed copies and/or submit to contests requiring hard copies.

The paperback is available from Amazon at

The eBook is available from Liquid Silver Books in any format you need at

Or at:

And other major outlets. See it also on Goodreads at

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