Anthology reveals author line-up

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PETALUMA, Calif. — The Science Fiction Show in conjunction with Knightwatch Press released the line-up of authors for the upcoming military science fiction anthology “Battlespace, Volume 1” June 18.

The titles of the stories and their authors are (in alphabetical order):

  • The Code by Stefan Alford
  • Ayema’s Fleet by Therese Arkenberg
  • Safety In Numbers by Tom Barlow
  • Dog Days by Neil Carstairs
  • A Flash of Insight by John C. Conway
  • Outside the Wire by Terri Lynn Coop
  • The First Mission of Lieutenant Seth-7 by T. Fox Dunham
  • Lusi by Shay Fabbro
  • The Faith Eaters: Crickets by Cliff W. Gilmore
  • Re-Live by Keith Houin
  • Fred Has A Productive Day by Gerry Huntman
  • The Last Great Film by Pedro Iniguez
  • Two Hours to Die by Joe Jablonski
  • Mission of the Crystal Star by Joshua Johnson
  • Tussle by Eric Johnson
  • Message in a Bottle by Andrew Knight
  • Chewing Barbed Wire by Kevin McClintock
  • A Rare Chance At The Enemy by Mark Mellon
  • Umbuto’s Rock by Vincent Morgan
  • Dark Star by Robert J. Muirhead
  • Rocking The Dead Man by Sandra M. Odell
  • Special Aptitudes and Space Sensibilities by David S. Pointer
  • All We Know of Heaven and Hell by Guinevere Robin Rowell
  • Vortex by Joshua Schwartzkopf
  • One Last Shot at Glory by Aaron Smith
  • The Eye of God by John L. Thompson
  • The Gun by D. Thomas Wise; and
  • And Kill Them by William R.D. Wood

“We could not have had a better line up of authors for this book,” said Jason Tudor, editor-in-chief for the book. Houin and Michael J. Wistock are also serving as editors. “We’re excited about the stories. That’s what will sell this book, these great stories. We’re also excited about the authors, who have been enthusiastic and gracious as we lead up to publication.”

“Battlespace, Volume 1” will retail for $9.99 and is a mixture of short stories and flash fiction. All proceeds from ebook and printed book sales benefit the Warrior Cry Music Project. The ebook version is slated to be released June 26.

For more on the book, visit To contact the staff for interviews or appearances, send a message to @myscifishow on Twitter or email

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About Warrior Cry
Warrior Cry is a group of volunteers who work with wounded soldiers in the Washington, DC, metro area. It provides the soldiers with musical instruments and then teaches them to play. Music is a great form of physical and mental therapy. Working closely with therapists to create a positive educational and therapeutic music program, Warrior Cry gives wounded soldiers something positive to work toward and helps to get their minds off of their injuries. Music also helps get our wounded soldiers out of their shell and interested in socializing with others. Warrior Cry works with other groups and non-profits to help better the lives of soldiers that were wounded in battle. The foundation’s website is

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  1. I like your DailyLove story; you have a smooth style and a nice sensitivity. I’ve had a few accepted by them also, which is fun. Virginia –

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